Costa Rica Shipping Rules And Regulations

Costa Rica shipping offers service across the globe and the service has been tailored according to the need of the individual customer. Costa Rica shipping ensures that the consignment is delivered safely and within the stipulated time and also offers an easy access site that helps in tracing the movement of the ship.  For shipping of household items it is required to follow certain rules and regulations that have been prescribed by the government. Custom rules and paper works should be done in advance so that during shipment there is no trouble. For knowing the details the cargo experts can be contacted. For shipping a cargo the details of the inventory of the cargo should be given to the customs, the value of the items should also be properly declared. If the cargo contains any electrical item then the details of the item including the name of the company, the details of the product and the quantity of the product should be properly mentioned.

Costa Rica Shipping requires the customer to have the original receipt and for shipping of appliances that are large in size not more than one appliance is permitted in the ship. Shipping of household items requires import tax and duties. Items that are prohibited for Costa Rica shipping includes any kind of inflammable item, alcohols, explosive items, used tires and drugs and narcotics. Weapons if carried require the registration number and also the original invoice to be submitted separately. For shipping proper import taxes as well as permission should be taken in prior advance.


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