Why American People Retire In Costa Rica? 5 Reasons Here

Costa Rica Relocation

No matter what is your reason for leaving the United States, Costa Rica can be a great place to have a second home or spend your retirement years here.

Some of the major draws for retirees are the stable democracy of the country, low cost of living, beautiful places and great healthcare.

Costa Rica has many wonderful Pacific beaches on the planet and is a world leader in ecological, sustainable development as well. Much of Costa Rica’s tropical forests are protected natural preserved. Also, it is one of the few countries that set a deadline for being carbon-neutral.

Why Americans Retire in Costa Rica? Reasons are here

  1. Good Medical Care
    Costa Rica has excellent medical facilities that provide the retired person with care equivalent to what they might find in the US. For instance, Hospital CIMA voted the Best Hospital in Costa Rica, was opened in the year 2000 is a new facility with similar technologies and procedures to the best hospitals in the U.S. Another top hospital with the same level of service a retiree can find at CIMA is Hospital Clinica Biblica.
  2. Handy Infrastructure
    In Costa Rica, you will find a great range of conditions for roads and other sorts of infrastructure. Apart from this, you will also find modern highways in urban areas, and the country received a $450 million loan to upgrade the infrastructure of its ports and roads in 2013.
  3. Complete Ownership Rights
    Outsiders have complete real estate ownership rights by law in the country. When you buy a home or land, then the sale is listed in the National Registry of Costa Rica and guaranteeing your investment. You can have a property in your own name. Also, you do not need a local partner, but in cases of beachfront concession property where some special rules apply, you need a local partner.
  4. Close To US
    Juan Santamaría International Airport is the primary airport serving the capital of Costa Rica is busy with direct flights to U.S. Flights home regularly cost less than flights across the country. Visiting family and friend can be a breeze because of how close the country is to the U.S., and the regularity of flights.
  5. Very Low Property Taxes
    In Costa Rica, property tax is very low compared to the US and Canada. Also, there is no Capital Gains Tax, so helping save you money. If your home is priced at $200,000, then your property tax will be $500 for the year. Keep in mind that your home value is decided by the value it is registered at the National Registry or the price at the purchase of the home.

Moving to Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica is naturally cheaper and faster than travel to other retirement destinations in South America. Shipping personal cargo and household to Costa Rica is cheaper than shipments to more remote places, particularly if you hire Costa Rica Relocation Service Company. You can import several kinds of personal items and household items without paying import duties if the products are not new. But, have to pay duties on household equipment, furniture, and many other common belongings.

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